Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How to Get On the First Page of Google

Search engine optimization - the phrase of the decade. Probably, the most important element for the success of any web site.

On the Internet there are now hundreds of millions of web sites (actually, almost 267 million as of December 2010, according to research conducted by Netcraft company), and that number grows daily. Over 85% of people on the net use Google, Yahoo, MSN or Bing to find products or services. So, if you want your web site to be successful, it must be positioned within the first few pages of search results.

Number of web sites in the world
Number of web sites in the world

Ok, but why then everybody is not applying SEO? Because it requires knowledge, experience, time and analysis, and that costs. Fortunately, we use a simple but very effective methods that will make your website very competitive, while the costs remain under budget.

Our service covers optimization for search engines and optimization of advertising campaigns on search engines. The first will bring you good positioning in search results, while the other one will provide a better position contextual advertising, such as. Google AdSense.

Our Content Management System already possess a number of built-in tools, automated and manual, that will provide you a competitive edge comparing to other CMS solutions on the market.

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