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Magma CMS Article

content management system, enterprise content management, multi site platform

Magma CMS (Content Management System) is a web application which allows easy and quick update of website content. Anyone, even beginners with a small amount of technical skills can update their website, no matter if it's a tiny personal site or a corporate portal with thousands of pages. Website...

Magma Ads Article

classified ads, content management system, multi site platform

Magma Ads represents a set of several different systems for publishing of classified ads on the Internet. They all can operate as standalone web portals, or can be seamlessly integrated into larger online system with other Magma CMS web applications. Magma Ads systems are scalable and flexible, and...

Magma CMS 1.x Article

content management system

History In 2001, Milos Dobrojevic made a small HTML web site (later evolved to thegoldenbug. com), where he could post photos of his VW Beetle, a hobby project from student days. Soon, he started to post photos of air-cooled VWs emailed by site visitors, but eventually accumulated so much material...