Magma Journal

Online journal management system

Magma Journal is a software for management of online journals. It consists of magazine web site and information system seamlessly integrated into a unified system based on Magma CMS platform. Some of the main features are:

Web site journal

Web site with multilingual support, customizable theme and structure optimized for easy navigation. Site administrator can log in and modify site content (texts, images or documents), without any programming skills. The basic site structure consists of:

  • Front page
  • Archive with back issues and published papers, sorted per year and volume.
  • Papers are available as a summary, in whole or in PDF format for download.
  • List of editors and editorial boards.
  • List of referees for years.
  • Instructions to authors on how to prepare the papers.
  • Contact form.

Information system

Information System automates and simplifies the processes of:

  • Sending and receiving of articles, scientific papers etc.
  • Reviewing
  • Communication between the editorial, reviewers and administrators.

Any visitor can fill out the registration form, but before activation of the user account, data has to be checked and approved by site administrators. Registered users can submit their articles with all relevant information (title, list of authors, reviewers, abstract, keywords, the original version of the paper in MS Word format, separate images of the work in full resolution, etc.), of course, only if they accept terms of use set by the publisher of scientific journal.

Administrator defines lists of reviewers for specific year, as well as editors, members of the editorial board, scientific and other committees.

Reviewers automatically receive a list of papers assigned for review, conduct a review and define the status of paper.

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