Magma Ads

Classified Ads System

Magma Ads represents a set of several different systems for publishing of classified ads on the Internet. They all can operate as standalone web portals, or can be seamlessly integrated into larger online system with other Magma CMS web applications. Magma Ads systems are scalable and flexible, and can be configured to satifsy almost any client request.


  • General ads

  • Vehicles

    • Cars
    • Vans
    • Minibuses and Buses
    • Different types of trucks and trailers
    • Camper vehicles
    • Motorcycles
    • Bicycles
  • Machines

    • Construction machinery
    • Agricultural machinery
  • Real estate

    • Rooms and condos
    • Houses
    • Offices
    • Halls and storage space
    • Farms
    • Orchards, arable land
  • Custom


  • Unlimited categories
  • Custom menus & sub menus
  • Multilanguage support
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Content filtering by different criteria
  • Image upload and management with automatic resizing and watermarking
  • Embedding of video clips
  • RSS Feeds and dynamic site maps

Premium features

  • Multisite support (multiple subdomains and/or domains)
  • Premium users
  • Premium ads
  • Limit the number of ads per user and images per ad
  • DB backup


  • Payed banners
  • Featured ads
  • 3rd party system integration (i.e. Google AdSense)

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