Career development software

University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Software for business support of university career centers (CZRK), realised as a bilingual web portal in Serbian and English languages. System is based on the Magma CMS with integrated Magma Matchmaker, as well as modules for management of user accounts, management of employees and students, management of business partners, management of documents, management of news, articles and ads. System can be integrated with Google Forms and surveys.

Training for the system admin takes 3 working days or 12 school hours.

Platform: Magma CMS
Technology: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Javascript, HTML, CSS
Year: 2009.

Basic features

  • Portal works pretty much as a social network.
  • Client determines the rules for registration of users: manually by system administrators based on delivered documents or by users by themselves under the supervision of employees in the Center.
  • Students fill out forms about their education, training, skills and interests.
  • Employers update profiles of their companies, and create ads for the opening positions (practices, volunteers or full time jobs). Each new position is defined by complex criteria (number of open seats, deadlines, required documents, etc).
  • Employees in the Center are mediators, ie. collect / forward documents and connect students with employers by comparing the specified criteria.