Web scraping

Web scaping is also known as Web harvesting or Web data extraction. In common language, this is extraction of large amounts of unstructured information from one or more web sites, usually in HTML format, and their transformation into a form suitable for storage in a database and further analysis.

Private clients

Simple example of web scraping usage are free forums, such as forumotion or portbb. Often, online communities overgrow services offered by those sites, but the owners are unable to transfer their forums to another platform and / or hosting because they are not allowed access to the database. Similar situation can be found with picture hosting accounts, facebook accounts etc.

In this situation we can help you with our technology for web scraping, which can harvest such content (i.e. forum content) in a short period of time and automatically process it for transfer to another platform.

Companies or public institutions

When implementing IT projects, whether it is a simple registry of business partners, media portal or a complex business information system, an important segment that is often overlooked is the filling of the database with content.

Our software tools for web scraping perform such tasks in a fraction of the time required if done manually by employees. The possibility of errors is minimized by elimination of the human factor.[/admin_content].