Data mining

Data mining is a process of automatic or semi-automatic detection of schemes and rules from large data sets using statistical methods, artificial intelligence tools and database management. The term is often incorrectly used for the collection, extraction, storage and analysis.

Marketing campaigns.

Rather than randomly contacting a prospect or customer through a call center or sending mail, a company can concentrate its efforts on prospects that are predicted to have a high likelihood of responding to an offer. Combined with appropriate software, a campaign can be fast, cheap and efficient.


Do you have high turnover? Regular customers? Perhaps you might gather data on customer buying habits? Or how to identify the purchase patterns of the alpha consumers (yes, they are the trendsetters)? Data mining system can easily identify them and predict future market trends and demand.

Management. Human resources.

You have a company with many employees? How to identify characteristics of successful employees? Data mining software can be designed to align with the goals of your company's executive decisions, production plans and plans for engaging the workforce.

Telemarketing, TV shop, mail order sale of goods.

Data Mining is a very effective tool in the industry with a rich history and millions of users in the time span of several years. We can for you to create software that will identify the habits of your customers and help to isolate groups that will produce the quickest to accept your new campaign.

Education, technology, medicine, social sciences.

Data mining plays a major role in bioinformatics, genetics, medicine and engineering. Is of surpassing importance to study the success of children and youth in the elementary, secondary and higher education.