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We are specialized in web application development, custom software development and ERP systems development and we provide all the parts of the Application Lifecycle Management. We deliver professional services at fair price, with strict adherence to deadlines.

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Being in the software development business for more than 25 years, and backed with great practical experience gained by many years of work in different industries and the university, we develop new technologies using original ideas, methods and techniques in coding, project management and design.

We analyze problems and deliver concrete solutions, no matter if it comes to web sites, web portals, eCommerce solutions or development of entirely new web solutions fully customized to specific needs of our clients.

What do we offer?

Professionally developed
Web site, portal, web application or a complete business solution.

Precise system of authentication and content distribution, activity monitoring and optional IPS.

Responsive design
Ability to use our products on different mobile and desktop devices.

System Integration
Our software products seamlessly work together as a coordinated whole. Optional data exchange with 3rd party software or devices.

Maintenance & Development
Software architecture that allows further development with ease.

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